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What People Are Saying About Zona Physical Therapy in Boise

brenda ellis
brenda ellis
I worked mostly with Dr. Hampton, but the two docs communicated well and used each of their knowledge to help me out. While I wasn't able to be "cured" due to how long I've been damaged, Seth taught me all the tools I needed in order to avoid suffering with symptoms. I had hurt my neck in an accident over 20 years ago thinking that since the initial pain stopped that it had healed. But, it had slowly been affecting my functionality in different aspects of my life and I had not known that my many complaints were stemmed from this one issue. But, the source was found, the diagnosis made and the healing commenced. I no longer am hindered so much by my joints and nerves, and though some of my exercises look quite silly, they are extremely helpful, and most all of them are nearly instantly relieving. Basically, Seth and Tyler have approached PT in such a different way than any other facility I've ever been to, and I've been to many. Their methods are efficient and very effective. If I ever get injured again, they will be my first choice hands down!!
Taylor Payne
Taylor Payne
This was by far the best medical experience I’ve had in life. So often, doctors either seem skeptical of pain I’m feeling or give up on finding answers after testing just a couple of things and I walk away with no resolution. Instead, Dr. Burton validated the pain in my knee, found the cause of it, and fixed it in THREE visits. I had been having pain—almost daily—for over three years and he fixed it that quickly. I so wish I had just gone in sooner and am so grateful to be able to exercise and run now with no pain. This is how all medical experiences should be: getting to the root of the problem and then fixing it quickly and efficiently with great bedside manner and care. Couldn’t recommend Dr. Burton and Zona enough.
Justin Weeks
Justin Weeks
Great guys, amazing PT's!
Nohemi Parke
Nohemi Parke
I’ve have had the opportunity to work with Seth and Tyler on a couple different occasions. I‘ve had hip pain of 3+yrs and tried PT, traditional chiropractic care, holistic chiropractor care, and sports massage. Here’s the kicker I had to keep going back multiple times. After 1 session with Seth, I felt 100% better! They gave me the tools to help myself and continued to check in with me, give me additional tips and tricks, and the occasional video to do at home. Working with Zona physical therapy is the most non traditional experience I’ve ever had, but it has also been the most beneficial to my day to day life. If you’re looking for someone to actually help you, and not just take your money over and over, these are your guys! They are knowledgeable, super friendly, and truly want to help you live life pain free!
Cam Forrey
Cam Forrey
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