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Spring is here! And with the beautiful weather comes the allergies, barbecue, and running. If you’re like most people, you want to pick up right where you left off. Ramping up the mileage, speed, and fun on different trails Boise has to offer can be so exciting (especially when it gives you a good reason to get out of the house). But sometimes, runner’s knee can creep itself into your life and slow you down.

Many runners get pain that usually sits right above or below the kneecap. Those who increase mileage, volume and speed too quickly are more prone to this problem. Depending on the severity, the pain can happen after a run (I), be painful at the beginning and after a run (II), be painful the entire run and after but not affect performance (III), and is painful the entire run and after AND affects performance (IV). Despite the type of pain you have, don’t worry- nothing is permanently damaged or in need of surgical repair.

The biggest reason for runner’s knee (an extensor mechanism pathology) is overload to the quadriceps or tendons attaching to the quad. Because the load is too great for the quad, the tendon fibers can be disoriented or a myopathy can occur. With a thorough examination, a clinician can see if another lower extremity muscle is not activated (usually the glute med). An effective clinician can reduce pain from runner’s knee within 2 sessions and the primary muscle fixed within 3.

woman running pain free
Run fast. Run pain free.

If you’re struggling with pain in the front of the knee, don’t wait until the running season is over. Get it fixed so you can get back to crushing PRs pain-free.

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