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What comes to your mind when you think of strength training for running? Is it a bodybuilder running with a beautiful orange tan down the road in a speedo or bikini after hitting some bicep curls? Or does it look like 20 reps of back squats and 5-minute planks?

These are the two most common ideas that become common with strength training for running, yet they couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Long Term Running

man strength training for running
Can you guess his 5k time?

Long-term running can have a negative effect towards glute strength. In as little as 30 minutes, you can have a diminished ability to fire the glutes.

When you have diminished strength, you can’t create as much force in the lower extremities. This can be more true for women who already tend to be weaker in the hip extension.

If you’re looking for the ability to continue producing force in your legs, strength training can help.

Strength Training Benefits

Another benefit of strength training for running can come from those who tend to have hamstring injuries normally brought on by exercise-associated muscle cramps.

EAMC injuries normally are due to under-active quads and glutes that need to fire more often to allow the hamstrings to offload more than they should. However, when the other leg muscles are firing and taking the load they should, the hamstrings can recover, allowing you to get back at it.

So how should you train if it’s not pumping out curls for the girls or record-breaking plank times? It should be heavy (I’ll say this again). Keep the reps under 5 to create an environment to promote strength. Planks should be done for weight, not time.

Perform compound exercises.

Squat, lunge, deadlift, pull-up.

And do them heavy.

Perform plyometric exercises that help you learn to land better on the ground (this is running, but you do it 100,000 times in a run in a forward line)


In conclusion, the right idea of strength training can improve running speed and endurance. You’re already doing enough aerobic work, so your strength training shouldn’t be as well.

Lift heavy. If you’re looking for someone that can help with strength training, we’ll show you who can help. Remember, we can get you out of pain. If that requires strength training, we’ll refer you to someone we trust, like our online training friends at Legacy Fitness. Stay strong and keep running!

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