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You don’t like your pain. We don’t like your pain. We should be friends.

Image Credit: Yasin Aribuga (Unsplash)

There was a time when I used alligators to protect me from a typical sales push. Well, I wanted to.

Our family booked an offer from a timeshare group in Orlando for Disney World tickets. Sweet mercy, what a trip it turned out to be. We did get real tickets to Disney World, but not without paying a different kind of price.

Hours of relentless hounding and bouncing from one salesperson to the other as we were being pushed to buy into a timeshare.

At one point we were arriving at a new location to be hounded somewhere with a fresh view I suppose, and the business park had a large pond out front.

I remember wondering if I would rather spend the next two hours listening to more sales pitches or if I should just take a chance in the pond, hoping an alligator would stay between me and the timeshare folks until they gave up.

From that day on, my goal in life was to avoid pushy sales hustles with the dreaded “catch.”

Free advice from a Doctor of Physical Therapy

At Zona Physical Therapy, we offer anyone the opportunity to set up a free 15-minute phone call with any of our therapists. Just one-on-one time to discuss what you have going on and how we can help.

It’s always a great conversation and each time I find there is advice I can offer that the person on the phone finds helpful, whether they come in or not.

Tyler and I (Seth), we like to keep things pretty easygoing. We’re intense only about a few things in life, one of those being getting people out of pain. We take that very seriously.

But we think conversations, vacations, business negotiations, and cookie consumption should be less than strict, and certainly not intense or pushy.

We like to use these chats simply as a way for us to understand what you have going on, and to give you some advice based on what we hear.

We want to know what your pain is, where it is, how it started, when it hurts, when it feels better, and how it limits you currently.

All that info, plus knowing a little about what you have done and currently do for work or activity, gives us some insight into what might be going on.

Then we share with you our thoughts on a few possible diagnoses, how long it typically takes to handle such issues, and a few tips on what you can start trying right away to resolve the problem.

Your next question should clearly be: What’s the catch?

That is always the best question to ask. It’s been my go-to question since Orlando.

We won’t do that kind of stuff on this call. I literally couldn’t make myself do that kind of thing even if I wanted to.

If our focus was to push sales and make money more than help people, we wouldn’t have become physical therapists.

Obviously, we have to provide just like everyone else. So some of you may sign up for an actual appointment, or you may refer a friend to us who does. If so, fantastic. We’ll be ready to meet our high standard when you come in: to provide you with the best medical experience you’ve ever had.

If you don’t sign up for an actual appointment, that’s fantastic too. We just hope we can help with whatever it is you need in our 15-minute phone chat.

When should you call?

Let’s zip through a quick list of possible reasons you could find a chat with us beneficial:

  • You have pain that is limiting you. We should definitely chat.
  • You’ve been told you need surgery and you’re trying to figure out what to do. We are passionate about helping you with this one. We want to be in your corner no matter what you decide to do.
  • Your right elbow pops on occasion and you wonder what the heck it is. We’re used to questions about funny popping noises.
  • You want to know the best warm-up before you run. Easy enough.
  • You want to move better, look better, and feel better for a long time, but you’re not sure how to do that. Bring it on.
  • Your spouse snores and keeps you up at night. Honestly, we probably can actually help with that.
  • You have a friend who’s trying to sell you something you don’t want and you don’t know how to handle the situation. I’m no good at this one, but we can still talk about it if you want. Use the 15 minutes however you want.

Welp, I’ve done my best to convince you that we’re open to chatting and genuinely want to help. The last step is just to give us a try. You name the day and time and let’s connect.