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The Best Physical Therapy in Boise

Get Back to Being your Best. 100% Guaranteed.

1. One on One

– You are always one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy every session, and you communicate directly with the same therapist between sessions as needed.
-No techs, no assistants.

2. Thorough Examination

– We listen, we test, we analyze, we treat, we retest, and we repeat.
-We want the whole story because we need to understand your pain to succeed.

3. Specific, individualized treatment plan.

– We perform a relentlessly thorough examination so that we can give you a targeted, highly individualized plan to address your unique needs.
-You won’t find any generic printouts or repetitive, mindless exercies to do in our clinic.

4. Patient empowerment

  – We help you to understand exactly what is causing your pain and why. Our time is then spent coaching you through taking control of your body so that you can know precisely how to eliminate your pain.

5. Rigorous and regular follow up to assess your progress.

– Consistent and meaningful feedback is the key to assessing your progress and the success of the plan.
-We refine your game plan as needed to ensure you are getting better as fast as possible.