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Welcome to Zona Performance

Are you looking for an exercise program specifically designed for you and your long-term goals?

Hello, Zona Performance.


Receive a workout program designed to help you achieve your goals. Fast.


Using a Polar H10 Heart Rate monitor and quarterly testing, watch yourself improve and progress.


Learn the how and why to your training. Understand how to overcome previous injuries that have set you back before.


Work one-on-one with your team to succeed.

Zona Performance


What is Zona Performance?

Zona Performance is a carefully curated quarterly plan for longevity training.

We see that too many people are training ineffectively AND they are trying to push through injuries. So we wanted to make something to fix both.

Zona Performance helps you stay active and healthy and reduces the risk of exercise-related injuries over a lifetime.

What does Zona Performance look like for me?

We spend the first session covering your long-term goals and current baseline. We run a series of tests, screens, and questions to thoroughly understand your past medical and health history which helps us guide you through the most effective training- Just for you.

You will have workouts 2-5 days a week to help you achieve your goals and improve on tests that are beneficial for performance and longevity.

Once you have started at Zona Performance, your progress will be tracked and adjustments will be made to continue to refine your training. Since your goals and vision may change over time, your plan must adapt as well.

What is included in Zona Performance?

We’ve gathered everything you need for success in one package. For $250 a month, you receive:

  1. A polar H10 heart rate monitor and strap (first month only) $80
  2. An initial evaluation, functional screen, and testing markers $200
  3. 3 Personal Training visits a month $210
  4. 2 30-minute Physical Therapy visits $150
  5. 2-5 days of weekly programming $250
  6. Running, lifting, movement analysis $150
  7. Quarterly testing to make sure programming is as effective as possible $150

How do I start?

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